Legacy Scholarship Fund

EDAC is thrilled to offer its members an exceptional opportunity to be acknowledged in communities across Canada for the important and valuable work you do. The EDAC/Daryl Black Legacy Scholarship Fund was established to increase national awareness of the economic development profession, and to increase the public’s appreciation of the valuable contributions made by economic development professionals to communities across Canada.

First launched in 2006, the EDAC/Daryl Black Legacy Scholarship Fund was established to increase national awareness of EDAC and of the economic development profession, and to increase the public’s appreciation of the valuable contributions made by economic development professionals to communities across Canada. Each year, EDAC awards a Legacy Scholarship to a local student in the conference host community. Each scholarship will serve as a local legacy that through media releases and local award ceremonies will publicize the valuable work done by EDAC members and your continuing contribution to our local communities.

The EDAC legacy continues to grow!

Past Winners


The first scholarship was awarded in 2006 to Faye Joines, Lakehead University; The second scholarship was awarded in 2007 to Lois Miller, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, in Saskatoon.


There were two EDAC Legacy Scholarships awarded at the 2008 EDAC Annual Conference in Fredericton, NB. The scholarships went to Allison Kane and Amanda Walker.

Alison Kane is a well disciplined and highly committed fourth year Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Dean’s List student at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). She is taking a Major in Marketing and a Minor in French. She is also completing a Diploma in Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship (TME) through the Faculty of  Engineering.

Amanda Walker is a fourth year Honours student in the Department of Economics at St. Thomas University (STU) who not only has the highest average among all the fourth year students in Economics, but also is combining her Honours program in Economics with a Business Administration Option.


The 2009 recipient was Camilo Cortes who is currently the BC Regional Facilitator for the Youth Eco Internship Program with the YMCA. He is also learning a new language and taking part of the Simon Fraser University’s Certificate for Community Economic Development Professionals. With a Bachelor of Science in Global Resources, he has dedicated his life to the advancement of community development initiatives both locally and abroad.


The 2010 recipient was Geoffroy Gingras-Tremblay who is proficient in three languages, English, French and Spanish. Is an Honours graduate of Laval University earning both his Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Business Administration as well as receiving several scholarships for his excellence.


In 2011 there were two EDAC Legacy Scholarships awarded during EDAC’s 43rd Professional Development Conference held in Peterborough, ON.

Paul S Grieve, Master of Arts in sustainability Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, ON. Paul has been nominated and will now compete for a national-level award in recognition of the high quality of his MITACS research project. Paul’s farm is on Asphodel 10th Line, between Norwood and Hastings (at the opposite end of Rice Lake).  Currently he’s doing field trials of four varieties of Jerusalem artichoke, investigating their properties for food, feed and fuel.  In the past, he’s grown all kinds of market vegetables (about 24 different veggies).  His family purchased the farm in 2008 at his behest in order to protect their money from uncertain markets and acquire an asset that has the potential to provide energy and sustenance while also earning income. Currently, Paul uses part of the farm for his own experimental growing, and leases the remainder out to a highly respected sheep breeder.

Charles Dickinson: Charles has completed two of his three years in our International Trade Diploma program, Fleming College, Peterborough, ON. His GPA is 3.64 and is our top student in 2nd year last year. He has a superb personality, is very humble and dedicated to his learning, he is active in leadership within our school and is supported unanimously by our faculty. He does all this while running his own small business through a small summer student grant last year doing yard maintenance and garden art work and also worked at computer repairs which all shows his entrepreneurial side as well. Charles is a single father who is raising his 3yr old son while doing all of this work and learning. His future life goal is to own a small business which sources and imports goods..


The 2012 recipient was Shelly Brake, Economic Development Officer for the Municipality of Hall Beach, Hall Beach, NU. Shelly is dedicated to the Economic Development Profession and continued education. During her membership in EDAC since 2010, Shelly has continues to persue EDAC’s Ec.D. Designation by way of attending EDAC/U of W Economic Development Program. Over the past two years Shelly has taken Both Year I and Year II and continues to attend seminars and EDAC Conferences to obtain required points to obtain EDAC’s Ec.D. Designation. 


The 2013 recipient was Kyle White , AINL, NL. Kyle is a fourth year undergraduate honours student in Geography and Political Science. My studies have focused on economic geography, resource use, and regional development. In my second year of students I began working with Dr. Kelly Vodden and the Rural Resilience research team. Our previous projects include reporting on land use issues and forestry development in Central Newfoundland, creating Community of Practice toolkits for development practitioners, and working with local stakeholders on the Northern Peninsula to understand and improve innovation and economic development.

The two projects he is currently involved with are Advancing Innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canadian Regional Development: A Critical Review of Theory Practice and Potentials. Each of these projects tries to understand how stakeholders at the regional level can support innovation and regional development. Through these projects we have also been working with businesses to identify success stories and opportunities for moving forward.

Kyle’s Honours research is supervised by Dr. Kelly Vodden and Dr. Dean Bavington. It focuses on Green innovation and the shift from traditional means of innovation and resource exploitation to a more socially and ecologically sustainable method of innovating. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree I hope to study economic development and innovation from a public policy perspective focusing on the Canadian North. 


Jessica Mitchell is completing her final year at Mount Royal University. She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts Policy Studies (Honours) degree with an Economics minor. Jessica is an active volunteer on campus as President of the Policy Studies Students’ Society, which aims to promote student involvement in policy, politics, and economics. Upon graduation, Jessica hopes to further her knowledge of policy and economics through graduate studies.


This year’s recipient for the EDAC/Daryl Black Legacy Scholarship was selected with the assistance of the Yukon Foundation. The Yukon Foundation was started in 1980 by 17 founding members each contributing one hundred dollars. Along with yearly donations, the invested principal has grown to $7M and the interest is distributed each year in the form of 140 grants and scholarships to worthy projects and students. The objectives of the Yukon Foundation are:

  • To promote educational advancement and scientific or medical research for the enhancement of human knowledge;
  • To provide support intended to contribute to the mental, cultural and physical well-being of residents of the Yukon; and
  • To promote the cultural heritage of the Yukon.

Victor Chowdhury graduated from FH Collins Secondary School in 2012 and has entered his fourth year at the University of Alberta. Victor is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance and a minor in Business Economics and Law. As the Vice President of Finance and Administration for the Lister Hall Students’ Association, the largest residence student association in Western Canada, Victor managed a budget of over $300,000. This past summer, he worked for Yukon Government’s Department of Highways and Public Works as a summer student.

Victor has an interest in financial literacy, particularly in being able to enlighten youth on techniques they can use to manage their money. He has been volunteering with ATB Financial in Edmonton to run Financial Literacy Seminars to teach high school and university students about financial instruments they can use to save and grow their money. Victor would like to speak with Yukon students about financial literacy by either starting a group or by doing small sessions in local classrooms.

The EDAC/Daryl Black Legacy Scholarship will help Victor to concentrate on his academic, career and extracurricular goals.